Mobility & Energy -
smart connected.

We develop and operate individual software solutions for electromobility and smart grids for your location.

As a matter of course, we all use digital tools, such as our smartphones.
The mobility and energy transition are also significantly influenced by the digitalization drive. We actively shape this connected future by thinking ahead and developing new business models, platforms, and digital services.

Our vision is the successful digital transformation of your mobility and energy. Our customer-centered view and our expertise in interdisciplinary teams help us to develop the right solution for you and to implement its integration into your business environment.


For the optimal start to your project, we are at your disposal with individual advice. We identify your digitization potential, support you in the conception of your digital solution and advise you in the coordination of your project.

Prototype development

We develop your individually designed prototype, tailored to your needs and requirements – agile, iterative, together with you or completely ready for you.

Venture Building

We bring your digital solution into an application as an app, platform or software with perspective. Through our integrative process, we enable you to manage and scale your digital solution yourself in the future.

Operational use

We also support you in the day-to-day use of your digital solution: We monitor your system operation and are also happy to assist you with adjustments, extensions or troubleshooting.

Fleets & Corporate Mobility

We support you in the digitalimplementation of your fleet electrificationfrom consulting to operation. Find outmoreabout our digital solutions for your fleet here.


Networked, digital, innovative With our neighbourhood app, we connect your neighbourhood and make it digitally experienceable. Find out more about our quarters app and other services for your neighbourhood here.

Energy- & Mobilityprovider

We enable you to provide comprehensive support to your customers with our digital solutions for consulting, purchase, installation, and operation of charging infrastructure. Click here to learn more!


Whether it’s a digital platform for your municipal charging infrastructure or the digital implementation of your fleet electrification we offer you your individual digital solution for your municipality. To learn more, click here!

bold and forward-looking


Whether blockchain, AI or machine learning we offer you the right technology and expertise for your application. Through our activities in various research and innovation projects, we are able to draw on a broad range of expertise and are up to date. This enables us to offer you future-proof and innovative products that have been developed on the basis of the latest findings.


You and your customers are at the heart of our process. We offer you digital solutions that are individually tailored to your application, your needs, and those of your customers and employees. We keep an eye on the entire customer journey so that your digital solution is a success from start to finish.

Systematically tested

Innovation through iteration By developing and testing prototypes, we test your digital solution in the application. In this way, optimal operation and high user satisfaction can be realized later. Innovationthroughintegration Together with you, we develop your digital solution. We actively involve your organizational structures in the process, enabling you to operate your digital solution independently.

Financially effective

Whether in the field of energy or mobility your digital solution pays off. Thanks to our agile working method, your digital solutions developed cost-effectively. This allows the degree of maturity to be flexibly adjusted according to your budget.

Don’t wait – innovate!

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