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Life in urban and rural areas is changing. Structural change is taking place at different levels, which is also increasing the need for sustainable mobility and energy supply everywhere. Our vision is for the city and the country of tomorrow to deliver both. We at inno2grid are convinced that these topics must therefore be thought together and intelligently connected in scalable solutions in order to create ecological, economic, and social added value.

That is why we advise on innovative mobility, energy, and digitalization based on personal conviction and professional expertise. We do this in a variety of scales, in all shapes and colors, and accompany until the charging point is installed, the bike station is mounted, and the app goes live.

Energy and mobility provider

Fundamental changes in the energy and mobility market are becoming a challenge for cities and fleets of the future. The increasing demand for electricity, especially in cities, can only be met sustainably by using green electricity. But what if the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow? We advise you on how to ensure the security of supply of your project by means of intelligent infrastructure.


Create sustainable alternatives so that you no longer have to rely on your own car. To this end, greater attention must be paid to combine traditional and new forms of mobility. By strengthening pedestrian, bicycle, and public transport, as well as new services such as sharing and autonomous driving, mobility can be arranged intermodally. But even those who cannot or do not want to do without a car are taken into consideration in our concepts. With many years of experience and expertise, we design solution-oriented mobility offers in neighborhoods and municipalities – for you and all user groups.


No energy or transport transformation is possible without extensive digitization. Today, we use an app instead of a key to unlock a bicycle or a car. No one must go to the basement to read out the electricity meters anymore, just look at the smartphone screen. The digitization of analog processes saves resources, costs, and time, thus increasing efficiency and at the same time reducing the ecological footprint – with our help, you can also use this potential in your project.


We also act in a solution-oriented way at the municipal level for smart cities, smart regions and those who want to become one. To learn more, click here!


Creating added value where it works: At the district level, we connect mobility, energy, and digitization and create concrete benefits and additional benefits for project development and tenants. To learn more, click here.

Energy- & Mobilityprovider

Sustainable & ecological: We turn new ideas in the areas of mobility, energy, and digitization into resilient business models. To learn more, click here.

Fleets & Corporate Mobility

Corporate mobility rethought: We think of fleets as intelligent fleets and offer your employees more flexibility in the future. To learn more, click here.

analytical & holistic


Creativity is the engine of innovation. Problems must be identified, challenges derived from them, and tackled in an original way. Projects often involve completely different challenges, tasks, and questions, to which we find the right answers for you.


Using facts to create facts: the experience of many successful projects, as well as the expertise of our colleagues in the fields of industrial engineering, urban and regional planning, geography, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace technology, transport, business and economics and many more, will benefit you we will incorporate all our knowledge and experience into your project.


In complex projects, it is essential not to lose sight of the focus, the quality and the goal. Therefore, we keep an overview for you and work out the relevant content flexibly, structurally and solution-oriented in order to deliver a result that meets your requirements.


Our services offer comprehensive interfaces: to each other, to other actors and tasks as well as to other steps in your value chain. Consulting is therefore the starting point for an end-to-end solution: the impact of our work on other areas of expertise is considered and placed in the right places so that our ideas fit into your project and the result is a perfectly functioning solution.

Analytic & holistic

Our methods

Inventory & Analysis

The fields of application for the topics of mobility, energy, and digitization are various levels and are often not clearly delimited: From the individual charging station to the “Mobility as a service” platform, there is a colorful mix of versatile methods and measures. Therefore, at the beginning of each project, it is important to identify and sharpen project-specific requirements. A goal-oriented and moderated exchange of ideas with the key players create a clear target image with “quick win” and long-term opportunities.

Conception & Planning

Which added values and opportunities are there for your project? Based on the objective picture from the inventory, a concept that meets the requirements is developed and examined in more detail concerning suitable implementation measures. For example, mobility concepts can reduce the number of parking spaces required, an energy concept to reduce consumption and peak loads, or a digitization concept to reduce administrative costs. In any case, you save costs and resources.  

Support & Implementation

What’s next? To provide that concept disappear into drawers, we at inno2grid stay tuned and turn ideas into facts. We support you through the implementation and use our broad partner network to do so. We bring the right players to the table with you or just do it by ourselves.

Don’t wait – innovate!

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